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On Monday evening, Josh and I had the opportunity to hear Levar Burton speak at ISU. First, let me just say that I was thoroughly impressed by his ability to tell a story and engage an audience. (Though that didn’t really surprise me.) It was really a wonderful experience. I have always liked him, ever since Reading Rainbow and later Star Trek (Josh would like me to note that it’s The Next Generation, not just “Star Trek”. What a nerd).

Mr. Burton’s emphasis on storytelling, particularly imagination and thought, was very compelling. He mentioned that it was his belief that all people deserve to have their humanity respected, which really resonated with me. He said even those with whom he was angry with or disagreed with at a very fundamental level still deserved respect. Wow, powerful stuff.

He spoke a lot on thought and the power it has to make positive change. It’s his assertion that thought is the most powerful force there is. It’s rather hard to disagree with that. He said that we each have it in us to make our reality, to shape it with our mind. Manifest our desires. Thought is “this close” to becoming reality.

Needless to say, I loved it. I was so glad Josh had the night off work and was totally into it too. I’m glad we’re a couple that can enjoy this type of thing together. If you ever have the opportunity to see/hear Levar Burton, I highly recommend it. Oh and I nearly forgot, he mentioned that they’re talking about bringing Reading Rainbow back…can I get a Woot?!

Author: kimberly on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 6:29 am

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