vintage postcard

Over the weekend I went to a local antique mall to look around. One of the things I kept getting drawn to is the old postcards. Many of them were cards that had actually been used and mailed. I kept cracking up at some of the writing on the back. The nicknames people used or that everyone was Miss So-and-So.

vintage postcard

This was a very rare one that was typed. I got a few postcards that were much older than this one but I just loved it. It was sent from Yugoslavia. “I’m up to my old tricks of not writing…”. It totally sounds like something Josh’s Grandma Rosie would say.

I bought a bunch of vintage postcards to use in my new resolution to write more. I already can’t wait to use the old Valentines I found.

Author: kimberly on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 9:03 am
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  1. Nicole says:

    We had an older lady at my church that was known for cutting off the front side of a card (the one without the signature on it) and resending it to people. She loved the verses on them too much not to share them with others. She has since passed away, but every once in awhile I will come across one and it just makes me smile! :)

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