a boy and his dog

kissin' bebo

Growing up I always wanted a dog and we finally got one when I was 13. It’s weird for me to think how Jasper will grow up with Bebo. Bebo was there to greet Jasper when we brought him home from the hospital. Bichons are known for being so great around kids and very personable. Bebo is no exception. Jasper is constantly chasing him, yelling for him, playing with him. They are quite good little buddies.

When we’re on our way home from somewhere Jasper will ask for Bebo. I’ll say, “Yep, we’re going home to see Bebo”. As soon as Jasper gets in the door he will pet Bebo and exclaim loudly, “Bebo!”. Bebo will show that he missed Jasper too by giving him a quick lick on the face. It’s pretty darn cute. I’m so glad that they get along well and are friends.

Author: kimberly on Friday, October 1, 2010 7:30 am

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