going from hating food to loving it

At approximately 3.5 weeks pregnant I suddenly felt pregnant. I woke up nauseous and spent the day with a very unsettled stomach. This feeling continued for about four weeks. I have been very lucky to have the nausea fade quite a lot. During those four weeks of pregnancy I had a hard time finding anything that sounded good to eat. Something would look good one minute and then the next minute make me want to puke.

Luckily I am now approaching my favorite phase of pregnancy. Where almost all food looks amazing! In the past week I have been very excited about Beef Snow Peas from my favorite Chinese place, Turkey Tom from Jimmy John’s, Hot Beef Sandwich from our local restaurant and last night I enjoyed a chocolate shake from Dairy Queen. You’ll notice that these foods are all restaurant foods which is another phenomenon of pregnancy.  For someone who very rarely eats out, I could usually go weeks or months without restaurant food. Not so much right now…it sounds like the most delicious food in the world.

So I have to admit this part is fun! I’ve been working on my grocery list tonight and had to laugh at how overwhelmed I was becoming. I just want to make so much different food. I’ve been watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution so I’m getting a lot of recipes from his website. I’m also going to give green smoothies another try. In the coming weeks I will be trying to post some new food that we’re trying.  Hopefully it won’t just be from a restaurant…

Author: kimberly on Friday, April 2, 2010 3:36 am
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  1. Eunice says:

    I just ate lunch (a delicious beef gyro from pita jungle) and now you’ve made me hungry again. :)

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