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My dog is all kinds of sappy these days. I don’t know if it’s the weather or he’s completely grown out of the puppy phase. He pretty much HAS to be by Josh or I. You should see him if we’re in separate rooms. He will lay in the doorway so he can see us both or alternate 10 minutes with each of us. It’s so funny.

Bebo has always slept on the bed with us. It started with the first night we got him and he cried so much that I let him curl up with me. A couple months ago Josh and I decided (okay, well I decided…Josh is a pushover when it comes to our dog) that Bebo should sleep at the foot of the bed instead of squished in between us. I was waking up to about six inches of bed for me with my legs hanging off. Bebo and Josh tend to move closer to me in the middle of the night.

So we got a blanket for Bebo and put it at the end of the bed. The first night I had to pick him up and put him down there probably 10 times. He would just keep walking up to us. After about a week he got the hang of it and now we just have to point to his blanket and he’ll curl up there.

That ornery little guy knows though that we won’t make him go back to the end of the bed when we’re asleep. Sometime in the early morning he will almost always crawl up and either sleep on my pillow right next to my head or nose his way under the covers and sleep in the middle of us.

I’ve made progress though because there is less time for my husband and dog to steal the covers and most of the bed from me. Now I wake up with a dog pressed against me but at least I’m not getting pushed off my own bed. And really, who can be mad at a face like that?

Author: kimberly on Friday, December 7, 2007 8:48 am
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  1. Abbey says:

    We have the exact same thing happen with our dog, Molly. (even the being torn when we are in separate rooms) And she’s normally pretty good about staying at the foot of the bed.

    But, darn it, when it gets cold, she wants to be at our heads. And if she were the size of Bebo, I wouldn’t mind it as much…but she is a great big, fat chocolate lab. When she “shares” my pillow, I’m off of it and she is stretched across it with legs hanging everywhere.

    But she is just oh so cute…I have a hard time saying no to her about much at all. : ) Oh those dogs!

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